Dolma & Greek Meals
Paliria was established back in 1957, in a village located in Evia, named Politika. It all started in the sunny kitchen of the family’s traditional house, where Antonis & Nota Soulioti were preparing authentic Greek meals, having as their specialty the small ‘dolmas’! Dolmas –stuffed vine leaves with rice & herbs, had been the first commercial product produced in a larger scale. What is more, its unique recipe had been perfected to the point that their reputation of the most delicious and quality dolmas, was spread right away, by word of mouth, in the area and were recognized from the begging as “Paliria Dolmas”.
Today, with a presence in more than 60 countries worldwide, with a leading position in the shelf-ready meals category of the Greek market, with international taste awards & quality certifications, as well as with numerous entrepreneurship awards, Paliria continues to base its development on the same, solid foundations that formed its basis: the dedication to quality, home-made and delicious, ready-to-eat food. It is no coincidence that in its kitchens, its experienced artisans still hand-roll more than 1.800.000 dolmas every day, making Paliria – among others – the No. 1 Dolma Producer in the whole world.

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