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Big part of our success is our decision to work with brand leaders in Greece: Nestlé Hellas (Loumidis & Nescafé), Paliria, Kreta Food, Pilavas, Agrino, Kanaki, Melissa Kikizas, Latzimas, Haitoglou Bros, Coca – Cola Hbc Greece (Amita), Ifantis, Jotis, Kalas Group, Loux, Kyknos, Olympic Brewery, Violanta, Attiki and many more. 

Not only are these manufacturers and their brands well-known and loved; they are also reliable, experienced, quality certified and innovative, while their size can provide cost-effective benefits.

Apart from these big players, we also maintain a loyal connection with smaller, more specialized industries with the ability to offer niche, tailor-made products for our clients’ needs.