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NESTLE is the largest organization worldwide in the sector of research and technology of foods. Its annual investment in Research and Development is the largest among the sector, while its personnel in this department alone exceeds 3,000 persons. The Research Centre of NESTLE in Lausanne, where basic research is conducted, is recognised worldwide as one of the top research centres in its kind, with over 300 publications in scientific editions each year.

In Greece, NESTLE has a presence for over 100 years and today is one of the biggest companies of food and beverages. The NESTLE Group in Greece (which includes NESTLE HELLAS S.A.), owns 4 factories in total and employees 1350 people. It should be noted that the largest percentage of its annual turnover in our country comes for the products of the Greek factories.


NESTLE HELLAS S.A.’s portfolio includes among other products, the NATURAL and CARBONATED WATER KORPI, the NESCAFE instant coffee and the Greek coffee “PAPAGALOS LOUMIDI”.

KORPI Natural Mineral Water


The most famous water since the beginning of the 20th century! The region where the Natural Mineral Water KORPI comes from, has been famous for one hundred years now for the unique quality and pureness of its waters. It is located on the Acarnanian Mountains, a totally natural environment, protected, without any traces of industrial activity, pesticides, fertilizers, or any other harmful substances. The KORPI Natural Mineral Water is bottled at its source, without the intervention of the human hand, according to the most current methods and strict specifications by the European Union. It is excellent quality water, that undergoes 500 quality checks daily which certify its high quality. For all these and many more reasons, the preference of the residents of Western Greece for Korpi is clear, since the market share of KORPI in the area amounts to 54% (Source: AC Nielsen MATON07).

The KORPI Natural Mineral Water is a bottled water of excellent quality. You will discover its supremacy from your first contact with it:

  • its crystal clear appearance
  • its fine and soft taste
  • its soft texture

Its advantages are not limited to these. It practically contains zero ammoniac radicals and nitrites, which shows it pureness. It has a low content in sodium, which makes it ideal for children and infants. It is also ideal for a low sodium diet, for people who have hypertension, and for those that have blood pressure or kidney problems, or that just need a balanced diet.

At the same time the Carbonated Natural Mineral Water KORPI is also available. The Company close in one bottle nature, water and air. Light and digestive, the KORPI Carbonated Natural Mineral Water is the ideal choice for accompanying a meal, or following a rich meal! And for those who desire something refreshing, they can enjoy it on its own, in natural fruit juices, in cocktails, or even with ice and lemon.





The trials and experiments lasted many years until the first great success, the production of the first instant coffee. It was in 1938 when the Nestle researchers presented in Switzerland the discovery loved by millions of people across the world.

Today, NESCAFE, so well known to us, accompanies us with its excellent taste throughout our day.

The production procedure consists of a two stages:


  • Strict selection of green coffee beans and mixing in various varieties, like Arabica and Robusta.
  • The roasting of green coffee brings out all its aromatic and taste capacities and then it is ground.
  • It is then filtered in large coffee makers with warm water, in order to create a very concentrated coffee.


At this stage the coffee is separated from the water by two methods:

  • Spray drying of the coffee, which is Nestle's invention. (This is how Classic and Select are manufactured).
  • Freeze drying. This method is the perfection of the first that Nestle achieved in 1964 (This is how Gold Blend is manufactured).



One of the most important chapters in the history of Greek coffee is signed by PAPAGALOS LOUMIDIS. In 1919 it opened its first store in Piraeus, where it sold “ready Greek coffee LOUMIDIS”. It was the result of extensive research and hard efforts that changed the scene for the Greek coffee category for ever.

“LOUMIDIS ready coffee" (and from 1926 PAPAGALOS LOUMIDIS) quickly became famous for many reasons:

  • Its excellent blend
  • Its rich aroma
  • Its unique taste
  • Its carefully selected beans.


1919: It opens the first coffee grinding store of ready Loumidis coffee in Piraeus.
1923: Operation of a 2nd store.
1926: Registering the PAPAGALOS trade name. Starting to sell Greek coffee inside the store and creating the PAPAGALOS product.
1928 – 50: Opening 4 more Loumidis stores.
1955: Creating the first industrial unit for the production of Greek coffee.
1974: Moving the entire Greek coffee production in the new factory in Oinofyta.
1987: NESTLE takes over LOUMIDIS S.A.
1990: Expansion of installations.
1994: Upgrading the stone coffee grinding mills by mills of the latest technology.
2001: Creating a closed circuit for the management of raw coffee and transporting it from Brazil to the factory in closed containers.
2005: Expanding the warehouses for serving the modern logistics needs.

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