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H.Q.F. S.A.

The KANAKI products began to be produced in a small plant in Kamatero in 1980. In 1988 the Company was bought by the I. FILIPPOU Group. At that time the Company was a large production unit of phyllo pastry and pastry for kataifi. It was housed in a rented space in Kamatero of a total surface area of 800m², it employed a staff of 80 in total and its turnover was 800,000,000 drachmas (2,350,000 euros), of which 9-% approximately came from two main products, while over 50% of the sales volume involved products in bulk.

The goal of the new owners was the creation of a large and modern Greek food Company, with emphasis on the branded product of a high added value. For the realisation of this goal a five year investment program was laid out.

In 1993 the company had fully moved to its new factory on a privately owned plot of 30,000m² in Magoula, Attica. The company has 11,000m² production spaces and 2,2000m² office spaces. Its design was based on the most current hygiene and safety requirements in the food sector. This factory meets the specifications set by Greek and EU legislation on the foods industry. All the production areas are air conditioned, while the imported air is specially filtered.


In this new factory, new groups of products were added to the range of the initial products. KANAKI bites, frozen Pizza and later pies and Strifta Pitakia, and recently Mini Calzone, are some of the KANAKI product families which were loved by Greek households, bringing KANAKI products for many years now in the first places among consumer preferences.

All KANAKI products are produced and marketed by HELLENIC QUALITY FOODS, or otherwise H.Q.F., one of the largest Greek food companies in Greece, that produces and markets the KANAKI pastry products, and MIMIKOS chickens in Greece and abroad.  H.Q.F. belongs to the I. FILIPPOU COMPANIES GROUP.

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