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AGRINO - EV.GE. PISTIOLAS S.A. is the leading company in the production and sale of rice and pulses in Greece. It aims at producing high quality products that meet the consumers’ demands. The Company is constantly investing in improving its products, as well as creating new ones. But over everything else it invests in the Company’s human resources, whose opinion has proved to be the secret of its success.

The history of Agrino - EV.GE. Pistiolas S.A.

The history of EV.GE. PISTIOLAS S.A. begins in 1955 in Agrinio, where brothers Efstratios, Efthymios and Georgios Pistiolas make their vision of trading rice a reality. In 1962 the brothers bought the facilities of “Ellinikoi Oryzomyloi” and they entered the production process. The name they gave the company's packaged products is "AGRINO" and they are packaged in the innovative paper bag with the little window which was how the Greek consumer became acquainted and appreciated with Agrino rice.

In the ‘70s the AGRINO range of products included all the white Greek varieties, as well as the parboiled type, “American” style. The trust consumers display in AGRINO can be proven by the fact that the company has been in the first place of their preferences since the 1980s. The ‘90s were characterised by development on all levels. In 1993 the Company entered the pulses market, by packaging this range in the innovative standing transparent package with the square base, which fully showcased the quality of the pulses, which are so diligently selected.


In 1998 an large investment was completed, the new plant in Thessaloniki, considered one of the most advanced in the world in the rice processing field. In 1999 the Company entered a new category of products by launching the innovative half-cooked Agrino Specialites, and expanded the fragrant rice range with Basmati. The ISO 9002 certificate which the Thessaloniki plant earned in 1999 and the entire company in 2001 by the TUV institute in Germany, confirms the high standards of quality of the Company. In 2002 EVEA awarded the Company with the “branded product” award and so did SIAL (Salon International de l'Agroalimentaire International) for the Agrino Specialites products. In 2003 the new category of quick cooking rice was packaged in a paper box, while the Italian Carnarolli rice, the ideal variety for risotto, was added in the Special/Exotic category.

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